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Fountain Software has experience in many leading technology environments.  We have been involved in the entire life cycle of a number of high-profile products for multinational companies. Some examples follow:

Microsoft Windows 
Microsoft Windows is established as the industry standard graphical environment for personal computers. We have participated in the full product release cycle of many high profile commercial windows products.  Back

Mobile Technologies
Advances in mobile technologies and the growing popularity of Pocket Computers, Tablet PCs and other wireless enabled devices are helping to create a highly mobile workforce.  We have  experience in development of Windows CE software.  We also have developed software for mainstream mobile devices such as the Tablet PC using Digital Ink technologies. We can assess your mobile technology needs and recommend the best solution based on proven methodologies and best practices.  Back

Enterprise Application Integration
We have significant experience in the integration of legacy systems and platforms - especially Mainframe 3270, 5250 and SAP. We can use off-the-shelf adapters to link existing applications and build tightly integrated secure solutions tailored to your needs. We have strong database experience including SQL and ODBC development with leading databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.  Back










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